About Us

Have you ever put everything you EVER had into your dream? 

LastTrueSouL.com is for people who like to be different but not TOO different, while also trying to push the idea that if you're not putting 12000% into what you consider your passion why do it! I swear if you take anything from this, take that if there's something you want to do with your life DO IT at 12000%! 

Our business was birthed from our vision of being the Last True being to ever stand out while bringing together a community of gamers, anime lovers, and then hopefully everyone! We’ve learned so much from other gamers and anime lovers that we try to show those through these not so “I’m obviously a gamer/anime lover” designs. The grim reaper in the OG SouL design is a reference to death, but in games you can come back and when are giving another chance do you do the exact same thing or do you do it differently?  

Wear you LastTrueSouL with pride or gift one of our unique items to a friend or family member! 

Connect with us on Instagram at @lasttruesoul or on TikTok at @lasttruesoul 


Shoot us a message and tag us in your favorite LastTrueSouL Apparel, we’d love to hear and see from you!